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About the Doctor

Dr. Sugan- Autism wellness consultant has done his 5 and half Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy and Yoga at Coimbatore. Possessing 9+ years of clinical experience in the field of Naturopathy exclusively for Autism, He has shown remarkable improvements for the kids with ASD, ADHD, ADD, LD, PDD, Cerebral palsy and Behavioural issues holistically without the use of any medications and has accomplished a great firm in and around the circle. He has been conducting regular yoga sessions along with Listening therapy for the kids at Smiles Nature cure and is well known for his detox diet protocol. All the basic support and guidance needed for the kids are initially consulted in details with their parents. He is also successful in conducting exclusive Autism camps every year periodically through which he has shown drastic advancements in many such kids within a short span of time.Many parents who could not get personal are benefited and are thoroughly guided to modify and follow right kind of Life-style for their kids.

About Trust

Lingammal Charitable Trust has been formed recently in the year 2016 with the purpose of rendering health care and awareness through the system of naturopathy and yoga which comes under the ministry of AYUSH. The trust activities will be aimed at promoting the system an providing natural health care services for psychosomatic disorders , acute and chronic life style disorders etc., the trust also extends it’s exclusive care to help the children with Autism Spectrum Disorders which is a growing threat to our society. One of the visions of the trust is to aid people in “Returning to Nature” in a natural and less expensive way. Lingammal trust is waiting to contribute to the society by carrying out several charitable activities other than health care services, most importantly in the field of Autism. The trust is planning to organize several naturopathy and yoga camps in various sectors, all over the country.